Lucy Park Buck!

This is an interesting story. Allegedly a city worker from Wichita Falls shot this deer in Lucy Park, in the middle of Wichita Falls, from his city work truck. Again...allegedly, he then took the animal straight to the taxidermist...guts and all. Needless to say this young man is in quite a bit of trouble. The deer is going to score well over 200. Sad that this buck was allegedly, taken illegally....but what an animal!

Here is the press release:Wichita Falls city officials confirm that a city parks department employee is now suspended from work. It's due to an investigation into the shooting of a deer in the city limits. Web postings have surfaced claiming to show pictures of the trophy buck and worker. City officials say the location of the incident has not been confirmed. Some reports on the internet say it was at Lucy Park – but one city worker says he heard it was at another location. A spokesman for Texas Parks and Wildlife confirms that a local game warden *is* investigating – and may be able to release information next week.


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