Rules and Regulations:

1. Maximum of four members per team.
2. Teams may split up as long as they are on the same property. If you move locations the entire team must move.
3. Hunting baited areas, road kill, poison, pen raised, trapping, and snares is prohibited
4. No pooling of varmints with other teams.
5. No hunting of county roads or state highways.
6. No shooting across highways or publicly traveled roads.
7. No shooting of varmints across fences in which you are not permitted to hunt.
8. All varmints killed must be on land you are permitted to hunt.
9. All varmints will be checked for freshness. Varmints from your freezer will result in DQ!
10. Shotguns are allowed.
11. All ties will be broken by whoever has the heaviest cat.
12. Any disqualified varmints will result in disqualification of team.
13. Hunting license will be required to be presented and hunter ID # will be added to your sign in sheet.
14. Teams must follow all Texas Parks and Wildlife rules and regs.

20% of the entry fees will benefit the Outdoor Adventure Foundation.

Side pots on heaviest animal will be available for $20. There will also be a side pot for heaviest hog, and most hogs. Lets make this interesting.

Scoring and Payout
Lions- 24pts.
Bobcats- 10pts.

1st Place- 70% of pot
2nd Place- 30% of pot

$100.00 per team Entries must be cash only!

Contest check in time will be at 7:00 PM Friday the 17th of February 2012. Teams will hunt that night and must be back the next day at 5:00 pm Saturday the 18th. Any teams that are not in Armstrong County Activity Center by 5:00 pm will not be allowed to enter their varmints.

Email for more information